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  KICK 'EM AGAIN part 1 Running Time: 10:58
Rating: 9.0/10 (689 votes cast)
  • Currently 9.00/10

Featuring: Roger, Michael Evans, Jeff Hilo

If you liked Kick 'Em When They're Down then you'll love Kick 'Em Again starring Jeff Hilo, Michael Evans, and Roger. In this scene Roger steps back and let's Jeff Hilo take control of Michael Evans. First he starts out by pounding Michael's nuts while they are fully loaded with weights and after Jeff bashes the cum out of Michael, he breaks out the cattle prod and zaps Michaels nuts until he shoots his own hot load.

  ELECTRONUTZ part 1 Running Time: 13:20
Rating: 9.0/10 (667 votes cast)
  • Currently 9.00/10

Featuring: Dave North, Roger

More classic video from Roger's treasure chest of pain and pleasure.

  DOGGY STYLE part 1 Running Time: 15:02
Rating: 9.0/10 (689 votes cast)
  • Currently 9.00/10

Featuring: Roger, Jim Roberts

Roger has Jim Roberts gagged, legs spread, and bent over doggy style! Watch him pound his nutz with everything and anything that he can find. Jim tries to get away but Roger has this muscle hunk secured!

  BIG BART part 2 Running Time: 10:41
Rating: 10.0/10 (701 votes cast)
  • Currently 10.00/10

BIG BART part 2
Featuring: Roger, Big Bart

Wow! Big Bart has a huge cock and Roger can't wait to get his hands on it! Big Bart is hot and hung and his dick starts dripping from the moment Roger starts crushing his balls. Watch Big Bart scream and squirm as Roger bashes, crushes, squeezes, and pounds on Big Bart's huge swollen nuts!

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