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  101 GUN SALUTE part 1 Running Time: 14:12
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101 GUN SALUTE part 1
Featuring: Roger, Cash Cougar, Ron Kenna, Keith Reed, Dave North, Jeff Hilo, Bart Conyers, Rob Camma, Pete Magnum, Pete Tanakis, Jake Hunter, Michael Evans, Dieter Roll, Andrew Montano, Thom Paris, Rappalo, Kent Brush, Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Rico Hall, Dan Dunn, Michael Allen, Buck (Rocky) Laguna

After three years of production, we are proud to bring you the most unusual "hot shots" cum-a-thon tape in the industry. There are more rigid dicks and more shots of flying sperm than you will are likely to see in any tape anywhere. As our regular customers know, the punishment in every Shotgun video is real and every bit as powerful and pleasurable as it looks. There just isn't any substitute for the sweating, involuntary shudders, and adrenaline-driven screams of ecstasy of a bottom shooting his load past a "personal best" of punishment endurance.

There are even several of the famous "no hands" loads from both tops and bottoms, some from previous tapes and some very hot new ones, too.These are the Moments of Truth, load after screaming load.

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