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<p>Wow! Big Bart has a huge cock and Roger can't wait to get his hands on it! Big Bart is hot and hung and his dick starts dripping from the moment Roger starts crushing his balls. Watch Big Bart scream and squirm as Roger bashes, crushes, squeezes, and pounds on Big Bart's huge swollen nuts!</p>
Release Date: 06/30/22 Big Bart - part 1
Release Date: 09/07/17 Long Days Night - part 1
Release Date: 06/07/18 Dungeon Fun - part 6
<p>Dave North is back for an extended pair of punishment sessions. First a modified, more powerful "relax-a-cisor" shock generator is wired to his testicles and maxed out on a screamig Dave. Then four days later (he needed time to recover) he gets punched and slugged to orgasm again.</p>
<p>Pete Magnan returns for a brutal shocking/slugging session of his own. How can these guys stand, much less walk, after getting racked like this? These tapes in the Testicle Punishment series are very rough and not for beginners.</p>
Release Date: 03/28/13 Shock Therapy - part 2
Release Date: 06/14/18 Dungeon Fun - part 7
Release Date: 03/01/12 It Only Hurts When I Laugh - part 3
Release Date: 04/05/12 Kickball I - part 2
<p>MUSCULAR Derek da Silva teams with new star Gil&nbsp;in a mutual bondage and ball bash-off!&nbsp; Both men are short, killer-built, in peak physical condition, and handsome as hell. They painfully abuse each others nuts with a combination of crushing, hitting, and relentless electro-punishment. In four hot scenes Derek and Gil take turns tying each other with intense, creative rope bondage.</p>
<p>Each Top uses a unique suspension on his player before the punishment begins. Over the course of the shoot, each Top escalates the punishment he inflicts to get back at the other guy. Flip for is over an hour and a half of non-stop muscle bondage ball-bashing action!</p>
Release Date: 06/18/20 Flip For It - part 3
Release Date: 06/19/14 Center Of Attention II - part 5
Release Date: 07/24/14 Double Play - part 5
Release Date: 08/15/19 Flagellant - part 2
Release Date: 09/14/17 Long Days Night - part 2
Release Date: 12/14/17 Hit Or Miss - part 1
<p>Tall, muscular Jim Roberts has an amazing pain tolerance! He and three other brave, built men give us some of the heaviest and hottest testicle punishment scenes ever filmed! Jim is tied spread-eagle, face down, and his nuts are brutally whacked until Roger shoots spontaneously past the screams of ecstasy.</p>
<p>The next player endures 56 lbs (!!) on his nuts and still shoots! These and the other scenes are the hardest core CBT! 11 explosive orgasms are reprised in a painful finale!</p>
Release Date: 09/15/11 Consenting Adults - part 3
Release Date: 06/05/14 Center Of Attention II - part 3
<p>Extreme Bondage Loads is packed with hardcore ball bashing and&nbsp;nut crushing action with several of your favorites like Rico Hall and Rob Camma. Watch these tough players scream and shout while strapped down with nowhere to go. There are no safe words allowed and no matter how much these guys scream or try to break loose, it isn`t over until Roger gets off!</p>
Release Date: 12/16/21 Extreme Bondage Loads I - part 1
Release Date: 12/21/17 Hit Or Miss - part 2
Release Date: 05/30/13 Suspension Tension - part 3