103 Gun Salute - part 2
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Starring: Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Andrew Montano, Bart Conyers, Buck (Rocky) Laguna, Carlos Morales, Dave North, David Guitierrez, Dieter Roll, Eric Michaels, J.W., Jake Hunter, Jeff Hilo, Jim Roberts, Joe Stack, John Karvaline, Keith Reed, Kent Brush, Michael All
If you are tired of long drawn out set-ups, bad sex dialogue, sophomoric story lines, and hours of forced heavy breathing before the beefcake shoots, this is definitely for you! From squirt to squirt, 103 Gun Salute is fast moving and always exciting. The victims' muscles are straining; their pecs are pulled, squeezed, and clamped and their tender nuts are whacked, zapped, and crushed. When a guy's dick is this hard you know it isn't just hurting -- it is the kind of intense sexual S&M you will only see in Shotgun tapes. Load after punished load, over ONE HUNDRED dicks shoot geysers across the screen! From experienced players to nervous guys auditioning for their first adult videotape -- no holds barred, no mercy, and NO acting!

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