103 Gun Salute - part 2
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Starring: Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Andrew Montano, Bart Conyers, Buck (Rocky) Laguna, Carlos Morales, Dave North, David Guitierrez, Dieter Roll, Eric Michaels, J.W., Jake Hunter, Jeff Hilo, Jim Roberts, Joe Stack, John Karvaline, Keith Reed, Kent Brush, Michael All
If you are tired of long drawn out set-ups, bad sex dialogue, sophomoric story lines, and hours of forced heavy breathing before the beefcake shoots, this is definitely for you! From squirt to squirt, 103 Gun Salute is fast moving and always exciting. The victims' muscles are straining; their pecs are pulled, squeezed, and clamped and their tender nuts are whacked, zapped, and crushed. When a guy's dick is this hard you know it isn't just hurting -- it is the kind of intense sexual S&M you will only see in Shotgun tapes. Load after punished load, over ONE HUNDRED dicks shoot geysers across the screen! From experienced players to nervous guys auditioning for their first adult videotape -- no holds barred, no mercy, and NO acting!

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<p>Brian Bax from VacuPex is back and this time Roger is going to really lay it heavy on it! He breaks out the weights, electricity, and clamps down on Brian's big hard nipples. Brian sweats and moans but Roger has him strapped down tight with nowhere to go!</p>
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<p>Tough guy Drew has spent the last decade in the gym and it shows. He wanted to see how much ball bashing he could take, find out how tough he really was. We felt we had to help him out... Drew stands up facing Roger and asks for his balls to be hit harder and faster by the wooden club--yes balls really are this tough!<br /><br />Next Drew asked for electro-stim to his balls....and begged for it on his nipples. We had to engineer this carefully for safety but we got his muscular pecs nearly smoking!<br /><br />Drew has wires going to all the sensitive places on his amazing body, and keeps saying "Turn it up! Hurt me! Let me have it" as he gets closer and closer to shooting off. Very few people max out our machines but Drew is one of the toughest guys we've ever seen!</p>
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