104 Gun Salute - part 5
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Starring: Roger, Mathew Sisial, Keith, Big Bart, Jim Roberts, Lex, Lief Kaase, Derek Da Silva, Jeff, Pete, Butch Grand, Rob Inman
104 Gun Salute gives you cum blasting money-shots from beginning to end... This is an astonishing and groin stiffening record of hot guys playing HARD ball games with each other. One Helluva Trip! Sit back and enjoy the loads!

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<p>MUSCULAR Derek da Silva teams with new star Gil&nbsp;in a mutual bondage and ball bash-off!&nbsp; Both men are short, killer-built, in peak physical condition, and handsome as hell. They painfully abuse each others nuts with a combination of crushing, hitting, and relentless electro-punishment. In four hot scenes Derek and Gil take turns tying each other with intense, creative rope bondage.</p>
<p>Each Top uses a unique suspension on his player before the punishment begins. Over the course of the shoot, each Top escalates the punishment he inflicts to get back at the other guy. Flip for is over an hour and a half of non-stop muscle bondage ball-bashing action!</p>
Release Date: 06/04/20 Flip For It - part 1
Release Date: 09/21/17 Trio - part 1
Release Date: 10/08/20 Self Punishment II - part 3