A Leather Dream - part 2
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Starring: Dirk Cherokee, Buck (Rocky) Laguna
Our own very popular Buck Laguna (Rocky), and his real-life partner, Dirk Cherokee, allowed us to share some of their favorite and most intimate sexual passions in a number of scenes unparalleled for their power and connection. Their two stunning bodies move in a symphony of rippling muscle. You like leather? These hunks breathe its essence. You want reality? The strength of their passion can only come from deep within the souls of two people who are powerfully connected. In the opening scene Buck falls asleep and dreams of gorgeous leatherman, Dirk. Buck and Dirk then sweep us along with them, first in their magnificent kissing and caressing and then in a flogging enjoyed by Buck so much that he didn't want it to end. Their sensual lovemaking in the second scene is a satisfying feast for the sense and the soul. We don't want to give it all away, but the final scene is serious edge play, with intricate bondage and just a splash of water sports, astonishing for its intensity, creativity, sexual heat and sheer animal beauty.

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TheWolverine (01/13/23):
so romantic

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