Addition - part 4
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Starring: Roger, Andrew Montano, David Danner, Jake Hunter, Jiri Lenn, Cash Cougar, Jason
Roger + his slaves = the ultimate CBT session! It's a little more complicated than that but Roger is an expert at teaching his CBT techniques on anyone who lands in his dungeon. Watch as Roger breaks out his toys and teaches his subjects a lesson that they will never forget!

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BullBalls (01/27/21):
Superb hands free ejaculations.

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Release Date: 01/03/19 Rematch - part 2
<p>The name says it all! Muscle hunk Jim Roberts is back for more ball bashing action and he`s brought along a familiar friend... his tight fitting Speedo! Roger straps Jim to the cross and starts pounding away! Jim squirms, screams, and tries to get him to stop but there`s no stopping Roger until he`s satisfied. Watch as these ripped dungeon players go at it before squirting two huge loads!</p>
Release Date: 06/24/21 Slugged In The Speedo! - part 1
<p>Tall, muscular Jim Roberts has an amazing pain tolerance! He and three other brave, built men give us some of the heaviest and hottest testicle punishment scenes ever filmed! Jim is tied spread-eagle, face down, and his nuts are brutally whacked until Roger shoots spontaneously past the screams of ecstasy.</p>
<p>The next player endures 56 lbs (!!) on his nuts and still shoots! These and the other scenes are the hardest core CBT! 11 explosive orgasms are reprised in a painful finale!</p>
Release Date: 09/15/11 Consenting Adults - part 3