Alameda - part 5
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Starring: Roger, Rob Chainsaw
testRoger is back with his hot, hunky, young, hung, player! This guy may be young but he sure does have a high tolerance for CBT! After Roger delivers some hard hitting blows, this hunk manages to bounce back and asks for more! Watch him shake and squirm as Roger pounds away at his big and swollen nuts!

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<p>Bodybuilder Jake Hunter and triathlete Jeff Hilo challenge each other to a mutual wrestling and pain contest. The loser had to be the bottom for an extended testicle punishment session.</p>
<p>Filled with low blows, dirty tricks, and a mechanical hitting machine -- this is excrucuiating mutual ball punishment! These two beautiful, muscular men are both sadistic, yet extremely tough -- what they do to each others nuts must be seen to be believed!</p>
Release Date: 11/14/13 Winner Takes All - part 2
Release Date: 02/07/19 Alameda - part 5
<p>We took two hot muscular hunks, both tops, and, oh yeah, both well hung, and what we got was serious competition, passion, intensity, imagination, and tenderness. In other words, Spontaneous Combustion! This is an exciting portrayal of two beautiful men who are delighted to get to know each other - and it shows!</p>
<p>Pain, strength, courage, and lovemaking - this video has it all!</p>
Release Date: 03/14/13 Power And Passion - part 3