Assaulted Nuts - part 2
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Starring: Dave North, Michael Allen, Roger
Newcomer Michael Allen has a great body and the smoothest skin you'll ever see on a kid of 22 – except that he's 35. We here at Shotgun don't fool around with kids! Michael is bound, blindfolded, gagged and slowly stripped to reveal serious musculature and definition. While his nuts are obviously more sensitive than those of other bottoms in other Shotgun videos, he is gradually brought to a point where the genital work-over he is receiving powerfully turns him on, even though it is almost "too much". He said, "Don't stop! I dig it!", and his dick was getting harder. So of course, we didn't stop at all. The conflict between handling the intensity and turning on to it is hot as hell and Michael shows it perfectly. This video also includes a bonus percussive load hit out of a willing, but very sore, Dave North. This is the famous 'no hands load' ball working scene with big, muscular (and all AROUND big) Dave.

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