Batter Up - part 2
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Starring: Roger, Jim Roberts
Jim Roberts is back and this time he's really lost his mind. First he loads up a giant butt-plug with hot sauce before shoving it up his ass. Roger then straps him down and begins swinging. He's decided to kick it up a notch and instead of using his famous paddle, Roger grabs for the baseball bat and hits a home run!

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<p>The name says it all! Muscle hunk Jim Roberts is back for more ball bashing action and he`s brought along a familiar friend... his tight fitting Speedo! Roger straps Jim to the cross and starts pounding away! Jim squirms, screams, and tries to get him to stop but there`s no stopping Roger until he`s satisfied. Watch as these ripped dungeon players go at it before squirting two huge loads!</p>
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