Beginner's Luck I - part 4
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Starring: Cosmo, David Danner, David Guitierrez, Nick di Tamaso, Roger
Some of the best times we've had here at the Shotgun Playroom have been with beginners! These are beautiful young men, panting, sweating and struggling to take all the ball work they can stand with convulsive orgasms and shooting loads all 'round. Auditions around here are INTENSE but, as you will see, they uncover some astonishing new young shooting stars! As a special bonus, we've included the audition footage of completive bodybuilder Nick DiTomaso. If you like to see cocky young studs brought to their knees in wild ecstasy, this tape is for you!

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<p>Genuine beginner Erik had only been tied down two times before when he came to the Shotgun Dungeons. He had taught himself to enjoy serious ball bashing on his own and wanted an expert to show him just how tough he was! Grant and Roger bind Erik securely and put him through a bondage and TESTICLE PUNISHMENT scene he&rsquo;ll never forget!</p>
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