Beginner's Luck II - part 2
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Starring: Carlos Morales, Joe Stack, Roger, Ted Marks
Ted is young, slim, handsome, and an incredible shooter. Joe is older, killer built, and tough as the 'gym rat' he is. But Carlos....oh man, Carlos! This guy is a perfect bull's eye of beautiful masculinity. Built, but more defined than massive, handsome as hell, but not too pretty, only 24 but mature and self possessed....well, yes you notice all these, but not at first....First, what you see is the PACKAGE! Huge dick and then great big wonder his abs are so defined, they have a lot of work to do! Pushing that heavy dick around is probably going to give that guy back trouble before he's thirty. What happened on camera was astounding--he shot a huge 'no hands' load while his balls were being hit...and then Roger shot a 'no-hands' load right after

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