Beginner's Luck IV - part 2
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Starring: Roger, Rusty, Keith
Beginner 's Luck is back and hotter than ever. Roger, Rusty, & Keith reach a whole new level of ball bashing, smashing, beating, hitting, kicking, and more! Roger digs into his box of tricks and brings out his famous toys that will leave everyon e's balls aching!

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Master P (04/08/21):
Rusty has some tough balls! I'd like to give them a real crushing! I'd make him squeal like a pig!

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<p>Heinrich is back and Roger is ready to tickle him. Sounds cute huh? Well it's a little more intense than what you are probably thinking. Roger straps Heinrich down, puts a mask on his face, hooks him up to some electricity, puts his big balls in a vise, and then tickles him! It's extreme and intense and you're gonna love every minute of it.</p>
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<p>The name pretty much sums it up! Roger has hot bodybuilder Jim Roberts strapped to the sawhorse ready and waiting for a fun ball bashing game. Roger wrote down several different techniques on pieces of paper, folded them up, and every time the timer goes off, he takes one of the notes, opens it up, and demonstrates on Jim`s aching balls! How long can Jim hold out? Well you`ll just have to find that out for yourself. Enjoy the show!</p>
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