Blue Collar Ball Zaps - part 1
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Starring: Roger, John Karvaline
John Karvaline is back and better than ever! Roger ties him to the bed and puts a gag in his mouth to get him ready for his electro shock session! John screams and squirms but he's not getting away anytime soon... He must wait until the dungeon master blows his load!

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<p>Butch Dixon is back and so is his huge strong cock. Roger knows that this ripped stud is tough and hard to handle so he decides to put him in the famous straitjacket while he clamps down on his giant balls. Butch screams and moans but this hunk isn't going anywhere.</p>
Release Date: 08/18/22 Big Dick Straitjacket - part 2
<p>Michael Evans from Tough Loads is back and ready for some serious hard hitting action. This muscle hunk is strong and can really take a hard hitting. Watch Roger strap him, mask him, chain him up, and lift him in the air before delivering&nbsp;a major nut crushing. OUCH!</p>
Release Date: 12/02/21 Up For Grabs - part 2
Release Date: 08/30/12 Muscle Butt Vol II - part 2