Caught In Mid Air - part 2
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Starring: Jeff Hilo, Lars Olafa, Michael Allen, Roger, Steve Parker
Intense leather suspension bondage in the new, expanded Shotgun playroom with Michael Allen, Jeff Hilo, Lars Olafson, Roger and arresting newcomers J.T. Phillips and Steve Parker. The muscular men are strung up in a custom leather suspension harness and worked up to and way beyond orgasm! Michael Allen even takes repeated blows with boxing gloves to his exposed, tender balls! This is heavy, creative bondage with a variety of muscular men, multiple loads and Edge Play by real S&M players. It is a collection of documentaries of hot scenes captured continuously by four cameras. Without the starting and stopping necessary with single camera technique, our masters can work a muscular bottom into a sweat of pleasure and arousal - a cum shooting peak of sexual frenzy. The custom harness holds the bottoms helpless, hanging above the dungeon floor, while it shows of their beautiful rippling musculature as they are worked into intense head and sexual passion. The bottoms have no choice but to submit to the pleasure of skillful, sensual S&M. We are proud to show off the masculine and beautiful men in this tape, each brought to racking loads with dominance, gentleness, strength and power.

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