Double Play - part 5
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Starring: Roger, Jim Roberts
Jim Roberts is the star of Double Play. Standing up and getting hit with the bonger, and it’s one of those days when his balls are very sensitive—some days you can’t HIT him or squeeze hard enough but some days they ache a lot... We spread his legs really wide, put inversion boots on him and hung him upside down.....then tied a heavy bowling ball to a pulley on his nuts...and then put a BIG ol dildo down his back side. We start hitting his pulled balls with the heavy wooden club and pumping the dildo up and down. And then Jim got an idea....he asked for some ICY HOT to be put on the dildo. This burned like holy hell, but the more it burned the more Jim got turned on...

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<p>Jim Roberts is back in Roger's new extreme series South 40. Watch as Roger straps Jim down, shoves clothespins up his throbbing cock, and plows his ass with a giant dildo! This series is not for the faint of heart!</p>
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