It Only Hurts When I Laugh - part 1
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Starring: Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Roger, Dirk Cherokee
First you take a very handsome and trim young man, about 27 or so. Say his name is Lance. Make sure that he's so ticklish that even coming across the room to begin to tickle him sets him off. Say he wants to be in an adult video. Ask him if he's a "good sport". Then tell him that you want to have a little "fun" with him. Can he take a little "ribbing"? Not afraid of a little bondage, are ya? So, guy, how much do you want to be in show business? Anything? Well, tickling fans, we got a live one. Seriously good-looking, but that's only part of it. It makes no sense to star someone in a tickle video unless it makes him CRAZY to be tickled even a little bit, and we lucked out. He knew what he was in for, and we have a great video. This feature also contains a sensual bondage and light tickling bonus with a big, built gym-hound. If the genital CBT intensities of the other Shotgun videos is too much for you and you want to see some serious tickle action, this is it!!!

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<p>Can`t get enough of Eric Michaels? Neither could we! Eric is back and since he`s been gone for so long we decided to really let him have it! Roger breaks out all of his famous toys for this series like his clear vise, mask, clothes pins, ropes, and more. Try to listen to him scream through his mask, watch him try to break free from the ropes, but most of all check out the load this guy shoots!</p>
Release Date: 01/13/22 Eric Michaels Returns - part 2
<p>Pete had been traveling and needed to come to SF for a long-delayed ball-busting. Like many guys with tough nuts he likes 'em hit, and that's exactly what he got--first with knuckles and then with the wooden club. He puts on a Speedo bathing suit to draw his balls up close to his body so they can be hit equally, and even holds his own balls up for some hitting. Pete has been holding his own balls up to get hit and is taking so much pain that his Top is getting very close to shooting off. Pete's pain and toughness get so intense that the Top shoots a spontaneous, 'no hands' load. Even more remarkably Pete himself squeezes and pulls his own balls long and hard enough to make himself shoot his own 'no hands' load! This is the only double 'no hands' scene on video anywhere except for the one in Beginner's Luck Two.</p>
Release Date: 02/20/20 No Hands - part 2
<p>Completely Secure - TOTAL BONDAGE Take one built subject, add three experienced muscular tops, custom bondage table, and various pieces of genital stimulation equipment. Turn on hot lights and agitate strongly. Stand back! Explosive mixture detonates profusely! For every guy who has fantasized about how much attention he could handle, here is the real thing!</p>
<p>Michael Allen stars as the center of the combined attentions of Nick Sloan, Jake Hunter and Dave North. They take their time stripping him and stimulating him from all directions, separately and together. Later in the tape, Jeff Hilo and Alex Coggins join the above crew for a field trip and a combined splash-off. If your tastes run to LEATHER, BONDAGE, SENSUALITY AND MUSCLES, check out our new talent!</p>
Release Date: 08/11/11 Center Of Attention - part 2