It Only Hurts When I Laugh - part 2
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Starring: Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Roger, Dirk Cherokee
First you take a very handsome and trim young man, about 27 or so. Say his name is Lance. Make sure that he's so ticklish that even coming across the room to begin to tickle him sets him off. Say he wants to be in an adult video. Ask him if he's a "good sport". Then tell him that you want to have a little "fun" with him. Can he take a little "ribbing"? Not afraid of a little bondage, are ya? So, guy, how much do you want to be in show business? Anything? Well, tickling fans, we got a live one. Seriously good-looking, but that's only part of it. It makes no sense to star someone in a tickle video unless it makes him CRAZY to be tickled even a little bit, and we lucked out. He knew what he was in for, and we have a great video. This feature also contains a sensual bondage and light tickling bonus with a big, built gym-hound. If the genital CBT intensities of the other Shotgun videos is too much for you and you want to see some serious tickle action, this is it!!!

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<p>Roger shoots so much footage it's hard to keep up with and occasionally he stumbles across boxes of unedited content that he forgot he had. We're not complaining! Nothing better than real, raw, unedited video to share with the world. There's everything from shocking, ball bashing, nut kicking, vacuums, whipping, and more!&nbsp;</p>
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<p>Jim Roberts is back in JACKPOT and today is his lucky day! Roger has put together several intense techniques, jotted them down on paper, folded them up, and placed them in a bowl. Next he straps Jim down and lets him make each lucky draw while Roger delivers the prizes! Jim gets bashed with almost every toy in Roger's huge collection!!!</p>
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