Linwood - part 2
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Starring: Roger, Dieter Roll
If you like seriously intense CBT then Linwood is the series for you! Roger goes to the extreme and breaks out all of his toys to crush his hot dungeon player's balls! Sit back and enjoy the show while watching these muscle hunks try to break free as he clamps down on their swollen nuts!

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<p>Lief Kasse returns to Roger's dungeon in Young, Hung, and Full of ... II for a more intense session with the master himself! Roger starts off with some light squeezing and smashing before breaking out his famous straight jacket leaving Lief with no way out. Next he wires Lief up, cranks up the juice, and shocks a huge load out of this big dick beginner!</p>
Release Date: 06/16/22 Young Hung And Full Of... II part 3
<p>Jim Roberts and Roger decided to experiment a little with a new toy, Roger's anvil. Jim rested his balls on the cold, hard, anvil as Roger prepared for a little CBT.</p>
<p>Roger&nbsp;lightly pounded Jim's balls with his paddle while shoving his finger in Jim's tight hole.&nbsp;He loosened up Jim's ass and then inserted in a big fat butt plug. The pounding grew hard and Jim got closer. Watch Jim squirted cum with every aching hit from Roger's wooden paddle.</p>
<p>In the next scene Roger straps Derek Da Silva to the anvil with plastic wrap. He tightens his balls with string to get them nice and firm before taking his fist to them. He breaks out the mallot and pounds on Derek's throbbing balls until its too much to handle. Derek breaks through the plastic wrap but he knows he better not stop Roger before he busts a nut or there will be hell to pay.</p>
Release Date: 08/06/20 The Anvil - part 2
<p>Excruciating is one of Roger's most intense series yet! Watch these muscle hunks skip the chatting and dive right into serious ball play! Jim Roberts, Jeff Hilo, Dave North, Pete Magnan, Michael Evans, Bill Banes, and Roger don't hold anything back. Warning this series is not for the faint of heart!</p>
Release Date: 08/10/23 Excruciating - part 3