Muscle Butt Vol II - part 3
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Starring: Jeff Hilo, Jiri Lenn, Miguel, Roger
MuscleButt Vol. 2 is the heaviest man-to-man caning tape ever released, bar none. Sure there is some great bondage, chest work, and some Shotgun nut-crushing with a custom vise, but we got out the canes to inflict pure, high speed, high strength, high intensity passion! Major star Anton Krol is a perfect 6 feet, 200 lbs of muscle, a 31 year old Czech bodybuilder with a special taste: Butt-Whuppin! He knew what he was getting into, this is one of the most intense Shotgun titles ever. He even asked to be tied down tighter in the middle of his caning, he didn't want to be able to stop it, even when he couldn't stand it anymore. No worries there, we didn't stop until we had broken him, over and over again. Just one look at this amazing tape will show you, this isn't acting, this is genuine S&M between consenting, muscular, and experienced adults. As a bonus we start with a killer handsome Portuguese stud worked into a load and then enduring his own intense butt-whuppin'.

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