Musclebutt Vol I: Raising Cane - part 3
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Starring: Jim Roberts, Nick di Tamaso, Roger
In the kind of ass-whuppin' that makes strong men yell, Nick Di Tomaso shows us the will power that made him so big and built. At 5'8", he is 230 lbs of solid man-muscle. With a 50" chest, 20" arms, and 30" quads, his body is living proof that he knows how to get past the tough barriers at the gym, and in three separate scenes in the Shotgun playrooms he demonstrates this. In the first scene on this tape, Nick is tied to the St. Andrews' cross and his beautiful incredibly muscular body strains against the 2000 lb. test ropes. When Jim Roberts saw the tape he wondered if ass caning was really as powerful as it was reputed to be -- and who WAS this bodybuilder? Then when he suggested a contest, we knew the idea was a winner! Roger found out who was the toughest of the two, Nick or Jim, and it was the loser who got worked over even more!

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<p>We took two hot muscular hunks, both tops, and, oh yeah, both well hung, and what we got was serious competition, passion, intensity, imagination, and tenderness. In other words, Spontaneous Combustion! This is an exciting portrayal of two beautiful men who are delighted to get to know each other - and it shows!</p>
<p>Pain, strength, courage, and lovemaking - this video has it all!</p>
Release Date: 03/07/13 Power And Passion - part 2
<p>Excruciating is one of Roger's most intense series yet! Watch these muscle hunks skip the chatting and dive right into serious ball play! Jim Roberts, Jeff Hilo, Dave North, Pete Magnan, Michael Evans, Bill Banes, and Roger don't hold anything back. Warning this series is not for the faint of heart!</p>
Release Date: 08/03/23 Excruciating - part 2
<p>Pete had been traveling and needed to come to SF for a long-delayed ball-busting. Like many guys with tough nuts he likes 'em hit, and that's exactly what he got--first with knuckles and then with the wooden club. He puts on a Speedo bathing suit to draw his balls up close to his body so they can be hit equally, and even holds his own balls up for some hitting. Pete has been holding his own balls up to get hit and is taking so much pain that his Top is getting very close to shooting off. Pete's pain and toughness get so intense that the Top shoots a spontaneous, 'no hands' load. Even more remarkably Pete himself squeezes and pulls his own balls long and hard enough to make himself shoot his own 'no hands' load! This is the only double 'no hands' scene on video anywhere except for the one in Beginner's Luck Two.</p>
Release Date: 02/20/20 No Hands - part 2