Pleasure Punishment II - part 2
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Starring: Michael Allen, Thom Paris
This tape is destined to be a classic of bondage and sensuality! Not as intense as other titles, this one is a great tape to share with friends who want to know what the big turn-on in sensual S&M and bondage is all about! Michael Allen, the super smooth hunk from All Tied Up and Thom Paris, the blond bodybuilder with the hairy chest from Suspension Tension star in one of the most sensual bondage videos put out by SHOTGUN or any other company. Thom combines an experienced tops' self-assuredness and imagination with a most gradual and sensual technique. Like most really sexy men, his masculinity is completely unforced and unconscious. When he saw Michael in our tapes he said now here's someone I'd like to work on--built, blond, very nicely hung, and open-minded. You can bet we lost no time running this past Michael. The chemistry between Michael and Thom is every thing we hoped it would be, and more. We wanted to show the superior g-r-a-d-u-a-l sensual punishment technique of a master who just happens to be terrific looking. Thom takes his time working Michael into total surrender and a racking orgasm. Sure there's lot of bondage, interesting equipment, and beautiful men on this tape, but the technique's the thing it's mouth-watering!

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