Self Punishment I - part 1
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Starring: Russ Carter, Sheridan, Keith, Roger, J.B. Anthony
Tall red-bearded newcomer Russ Carter has an almost perfect body--and equipment to match. Muscular and killer handsome, he has developed a taste for self-inflicted punishment! In the first scene he stands over a collection of 10, 15, 25, and 35 lb. weight dumbbells. Russ hangs every one of them from his swollen, purple balls and swings then for all he's worth--this guy just can't get enough, even if he has to do it to himself! Each man pulls out his own favorite genital punishment implements, including C-clamps to the balls, steel-toothed tit clamps, and heavy ball hitting clubs and bashes away on himself. Each stud shows off his high tolerance level and incredible self discipline as he increases his own punishment!

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<p>Anthony AKA JB is back for more and Roger`s ready to give it to him! Watch as Roger straps him down, bashes his balls, gags, beats, and squeezes every inch of his ripped body!</p>
Release Date: 05/13/21 Blue Steel Bondage - part 2
Release Date: 08/14/14 San Francisco Lecture - part 3
<p>We got so many positive viewer comments about the pain competition scenes in Nutcracker's Ball, we decided to have another contest. Shotgun viewers have seen the two tall, dark and handsome Latins, Michael Evans and Andrew Montano, and asked for more. They are presented here in a double bondage combination that is just too complicated to describe. Suffice it to say that when one guy forgot himself and jerked, he ripped on the other guy's balls . . . who could do the same thing right back. Things got a little testy &ndash; and painful.</p>
<p>This tape will please bondage fans who like to see a muscular guy truly and totally restrained. There is more than one way to teach willpower. For a finale, Michael is put into a bondage position where he has to stand still or he will hurt himself even before the blows he is receiving. It turns out he couldn't do it, but by that time he was so turned on that he didn't care if he was screaming. There are four hot scenes and another cum montage.</p>
Release Date: 10/03/13 Tough Loads - part 3