Self Punishment II - part 1
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Starring: Steve Parker, Reese Carter, Sheridan, Roger
What's a bodybuilder to do when he needs some good hard ball crushing and dick punishment? Muscular and hairy chested Steve Parker has spent so much time in the gym he's not afraid of getting hurt --in fact he digs it! Home by himself in his dungeon Steve gives himself a good hard nut-crushing as his huge dick comes fully erect. Who says bodybuilders can't be well hung! Later he electrifies both nuts and even shoves a huge steel rod his dick and shocks that too! Reese Carter also gives his own hairy chest a workout while pulling his balls and shooting off. Shotgun favorite Sheridan then shows just how tough he is with self-punishment. He works his chest with progressively harder nipple clamps, but it's what he takes in the groin that will grab you!

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