Stick Em Up - part 4
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Starring: Roger, Keith, Derek Da Silva
If you 're into sounding or piercing then you 're going to love Stick Em Up! Our resident Nurse Keith pulls out his medical supplies and gets to work on Derek Da Silva 's big fat cock! Keith starts off by shaving Derek 's balls then cleans them off with Iodine. Next he lubes up the sounding wand and slides it into Derek 's cock. Derek squirms and moans but he hasn 't felt anything yet. Keith breaks out the needles and slowly pierces Derek 's balls and cock! OUCH!

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<p>In this riveting video, Big bad top Brian Becke dominates a muscular young Erik Mikaels and shows his own toughness by switching to hard-core bottom. Brian agrees to a heavy ass-whuppin' by Roger if he, Brian, could work over the delicious Erik in return. Roger tied the stunningly well built Brian into a vertical no exit stance, and let him have it. Every ounce of Brian's rippling musculature strains against the bondage as Roger lays into brutal flogging and whipping.</p>
<p>Brian tied Erik securely and flogged his gorgeous young back, butt, and chest. Brian then poured the liquid pain from a large candle full of HOT WAX over Erik's muscular ass cheeks, plump balls, and virgin nipples.</p>
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