Suspension Tension - part 2
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Starring: Brian Becke, Dave North, Dieter Roll, Keith Reed, Michael Evans, Roger, Thom Paris
Shotgun goes on a couple of field trips, visiting two different play spaces. One had heavy beams in the ceiling with 44 screw-eye hooks and nearly a hundred feet of chain. The other was the famous "Den" in Petaluma, one of the best designed and well-equipped playrooms on the West Coast. Three different custom leather, chain and wood suspension/bondage harnesses are used to immobilize and suspend the aroused bottoms. Michael Evans and several others are strung up and pulled, squeezed and thumped in the groin, and shoot all over the deck. Keith Reed comes three times in the space of one minute and thirty seconds – we've never seen anything like it and edited the tape with no cut-aways from one camera so you can see it too. Connoisseurs of imaginative and effective bondage and genital CBT are going to love this tape! Also new to Shotgun is some tickling. After a guy is testicle worked into shooting off, he is tickled relentlessly for several minutes. This tape also features the debut of top Thom Paris. This kind of blond, bearded, and built masculinity is rare, but natural. If he doesn't raise your blood pressure, check your pulse!

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<p>Intense leather suspension bondage in the new, expanded Shotgun dungeons with Michael Allen, Jeff Hilo, Lars Olafson, Roger and arresting newcomers J.T. Phillips and Steve Parker. The muscular victims are strung up in a custom leather suspension harness and punished up to and way beyond orgasm! Michael Allen even takes repeated blows with boxing gloves to his exposed, tender balls! This is heavy, creative bondage with a variety of muscular men.&nbsp;Without the starting and stopping necessary with single camera technique, our painmasters can work a muscular botttom into a sweat of pleasure and pain - a cum shooting peak of sexual frenzy.</p>
<p>The custon harness holds the bottoms helpless, hanging above the dungeon floor, while it shows of their beautiful rippling musculature as they are worked into intense head and sexual passion.</p>
Release Date: 07/21/11 Caught In Mid Air - part 2
<p>Jake Hunter, Nick Sloan, Jeff Hilo, Roger, &amp; Dave North are in two extended scenes of public bondage, ball hitting, sensual CBT, powerful loads, and group orgasms.</p>
<p>Newcomer Heinrich, a muscular German whose big dick just gets harder when the electricity is turned up, is bound and punished heavily enough to elicit deep screams of ecstasy and gobs of cum. A reprise of six hard loads ends the tape with a bang!</p>
Release Date: 01/13/11 A Night At The Club - part 2
Release Date: 06/13/19 Say Hurt Me - part 4