Switch Hitter - part 3
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Starring: Brian Becke, Eric Michaels, Roger, Sean Stevens
In this riveting video, Big bad top Brian Becke dominates a muscular young Erik Michaels and shows his own toughness by switching to hard-core bottom. Brian agrees to a heavy ass-whuppin' by Roger if he, Brian, could work over the delicious Erik in return. Roger tied the stunningly well built Brian into a vertical no exit stance, and let him have it. Every ounce of Brian's rippling musculature strains against the bondage as Roger lays into heavy flogging, strapping, and whipping. Brian showed amazing grit and endurance-- but the next weekend he relished dishing it out to Erik. Brian tied Erik securely and flogged his gorgeous young back, butt, and chest. Brian then poured the hot liquid wax from a large candle full of HOT WAX over Erik's muscular ass cheeks, plump balls, and virgin nipples. By the time Brian finally shot, Erik was climbing the walls after a long day of intense and varied S&M lovemaking. This is 100% real S&M featuring two men at the peak of youth, muscles, and determination.

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<p>Anthony AKA JB is back for more and Roger`s ready to give it to him! Watch as Roger straps him down, bashes his balls, gags, beats, and squeezes every inch of his ripped body!</p>
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<p>We got so many positive viewer comments about the pain competition scenes in Nutcracker's Ball, we decided to have another contest. Shotgun viewers have seen the two tall, dark and handsome Latins, Michael Evans and Andrew Montano, and asked for more. They are presented here in a double bondage combination that is just too complicated to describe. Suffice it to say that when one guy forgot himself and jerked, he ripped on the other guy's balls . . . who could do the same thing right back. Things got a little testy &ndash; and painful.</p>
<p>This tape will please bondage fans who like to see a muscular guy truly and totally restrained. There is more than one way to teach willpower. For a finale, Michael is put into a bondage position where he has to stand still or he will hurt himself even before the blows he is receiving. It turns out he couldn't do it, but by that time he was so turned on that he didn't care if he was screaming. There are four hot scenes and another cum montage.</p>
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