The Den - part 3
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Starring: Jake Hunter, Jeff Hilo, Jim Roberts, Roger
Three muscular men, Jim Roberts, Jake Hunter, and Jeff Hilo, head north with Roger to the infamous "Den." First, an amazing slugging contest to the nuts which will make you jump and pull your legs together, then a custom mechanical hitting device, followed by a terrific fucking, and viola! -- outrageous spurts of cum! In the final scene everyone gangs up on Jeff ("the man with the ABS") Hilo for an astonishing demonstration of toughness despite heavy jolts of electricity and yells! These guys are all Tops, all friends, and all play partners--it was a real contest to see who could be the toughest guy. Along the way, everybody went bottom, but then what's a Top to do when there isn't a bottom around?

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<p>The best PREDICAMENT BONDAGE is when you are tied down so securely that you can&rsquo;t move but it hurts so you HAVE to move...except when you move it hurts more! This new ENDURANCE series starts off with three long, creative HEAVY bondage scenes with our best muscle stars. Derek da Silva of Breaking Point endures the electo stim of SIX machines applied by Roger and Keith and still shoots long and hard. Jim Roberts consents to a diabolical nut-yanking bondage with his face to the bed and his balls hung from the winch. For 30 minutes he took it as it was raise each minute A bonus scene, monster-dicked Scott took the full force of individual wood clamps and still shoot 2 feet straight up! These are long hard-core bondage and endurance scenes-- two full hours of Shotgun intensity!</p>
Release Date: 10/06/11 Endurance I - part 2
<p>The name pretty much sums it up! Roger has hot bodybuilder Jim Roberts strapped to the sawhorse ready and waiting for a fun ball bashing game. Roger wrote down several different techniques on pieces of paper, folded them up, and every time the timer goes off, he takes one of the notes, opens it up, and demonstrates on Jim`s aching balls! How long can Jim hold out? Well you`ll just have to find that out for yourself. Enjoy the show!</p>
Release Date: 02/03/22 Jim September Sawhorse - part 2
Release Date: 01/10/13 Pleasure Punishment II - part 1