Treasure Chest - part 4
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Starring: Roger, Dieter Roll
Once in a while Roger stumbles upon forgotten footage in his enormous collection of homemade video. Today he was shocked to find a treasure chest filled with extreme CBT that he had forgotten all about. Sit back, relax, and let the ball bashing begin!

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<p>Dieter Roll gets punished into two consecutive loads before Roger turns up the electricity and gets off. Then Jeff Hilo, a bonafide tri-athlete gets the same treatment, only rougher!</p>
<p>Finally, tall and built Pete Magnan displays incredible endurance with his massive nuts after having a huge load "vised" out of him. Of course, he was screaming "Stop! Stop! No more! No more!" at the time, but he knew what he was getting into when he started</p>
Release Date: 03/08/12 Kick 'em When They're Down - part 1
<p>Michael Evans from Tough Loads is back and ready for some serious hard hitting action. This muscle hunk is strong and can really take a hard hitting. Watch Roger strap him, mask him, chain him up, and lift him in the air before delivering&nbsp;a major nut crushing. OUCH!</p>
Release Date: 12/09/21 Up For Grabs - part 3
Release Date: 05/10/12 Kickball II - part 3