Tri State - part 2
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Starring: Roger, Chris Erikson, Jeff Hilo, Jim Roberts
Chris Erikson has made his way back to Roger's Dungeon and even though he's normally a top, he's decided to let Roger take control. Chris makes the mistake of telling Roger that he's only been tied down a total of 3 times ever! Let the fun begin!

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<p>Roger of San Francisco and ripped player Jim Roberts play a painful game of slug the nuts. Jim`s nuts are slugged over and over again with Roger`s fist and hit with a variety of clubs and even baseball bats. Roger breaks out all the toys for this series causing himself and Jim to shoot huge hot loads.</p>
Release Date: 09/09/21 Paint By The Numbers II - part 5
Release Date: 12/20/12 Pleasure Punishment I - part 1
<p>Andrew Montano is the tall, dark and handsome Latin Stud you see in parts of Kickball II. He is bound and gagged by Roger and has his nuts flattened in the infamous vise until they turn white! Knowing that the cameras were rolling, this natural performer took an amazing amount of testicle abuse before a huge orgasm. The look of racking pain mixed with sexual turn-on in his handsome face is haunting. Roger then slugs a sore and exhausted Andrew so long and hard that he shoots without touching his own dick. We chose the title Bound and Beaten not because any spanking or boxing is going on but because several good-looking guys are getting their usual limits of testicular pain beaten to shreds!</p>
Release Date: 05/26/11 Bound - part 1