Trio - part 2
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Starring: Roger, Michael Evans, Nick Sloan
Trio is the latest series to go up on and it's going to leave your balls aching! Roger, Michael Evans, and Nick Sloan are back in the dungeon for some serious CBT! Michael Evans is strapped down, gagged, balls tied and squeezed, while Roger and Nick take turns pounding away at his swollen nuts!

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<p>Roger of San Francisco and big, built Dave North play a painful "game of chance". Dave's nuts are slugged hundreds of times with Roger's fist and hit with a variety of clubs.</p>
<p>Although Dave comes spontaneously while his nuts are attacked, the hitting continues. For those of you who can never seem to find a real bodybuilder in serious pain, stop complaining &ndash; this is it!</p>
Release Date: 08/29/13 Paint By The Numbers - part 1
<p>Big and buff muscle hunk Nick di Tamaso is back in Strung Up! His arms are huge and can lift almost anything but it's his balls that Roger is interested in... Roger hangs weight after weight from Nick's balls as Nick moans and groans. Watch this tough guy beg and plead as the weights pull and stretch his swollen balls.</p>
Release Date: 02/16/23 Strung Up - part 2
Release Date: 06/28/18 Loose Cannons - part 2