Vacupex - part 1
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Starring: Roger, Brian Bax
VacuPex is a hardcore nipple play series featuring Roger's extreme suction toys and vacuum! Watch as Roger stretches his dungeon player's nipples until he tries to break loose. If you listen closely, you can almost hear his screams through the mask that Roger has strapped over his head!

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<p>The name pretty much says it all! Hot dungeon player Will is back, strapped in a harness, and ready for Roger to bash his balls! Roger starts with some light squeezing and slapping just to get him warmed up before really crushing his nuts. Roger put clothespins on Will's nipples and then breaks out his famous paddle! If you like intense ball bashing then you'll love Harness!</p>
Release Date: 05/19/22 Harness - part 1
Release Date: 04/26/18 Treasure Chest - part 9
<p>Michael Allen has returned and he looks better than ever! He's one of our most popular dungeon players&nbsp;with an amazing body! Watch as Keith and Roger chain and strap him up, suspend him in the air, and strap a mask over his face to silence his screams! If you remember from past videos, this guy is a real screamer!</p>
Release Date: 01/25/24 Bondage Weekend - part 5