Vacuum Pumper Studs - part 1
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Starring: Steve Parker, Butch Dixon, Roger, Reese Carter
Finally, a sequel to Hard Vacuum, a pumping tape that only Shotgun could make. Single, dual, and triple pumping action with hunks who are experts in the scene. Don't let the long buildup fool you this tape builds up to an intense and explosive climax! Running time is well over an hour. Most of that is hard-core vacuum play by experienced, studly players who know what they are doing. With the Gomco Medical Suction device providing far more power than any hand pump could, these men pump to the level of advanced players ONLY! Starring Steve Parker, Butch Dixon, and Reese Carter, with Roger getting a few licks (and slugs) in as well. Vacuum pumping can be pleasure or punishment . . . and we show it all this tape goes from sensual encounters to swollen, engorged dicks, huge, sore balls, big meaty nipples, and explosive loads!

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